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Cheeses and analogue cheeses

“Dairy company Stavropolskiy” became the first cheese manufacturer in Stavropol in 1992. For the moment the manufacturing of cheeses is one of the important company activity areas. There is a huge cheese ripening room. Automated cheesemaking line (capacity 7 000 kg of cheese per day) by FIBOSA company was set up in 2006.


Russian Roquefort

Russian Halloumi

Rossiyski, blocks

Rossiyski packaged

Dutch (Gollandski), blocks

Dutch (Gollandski) packaged

Tilsiter luxe, blocks, snack (30 g)

Cheddar, blocks, snack (30 g)

Cheddar Annato

Sovetski, blocks

Russian parmesan, blocks, snack (30 g)

Russian Maasdam


Russian mozzarella, blocks

Brynza in brine

Russian Feta

Soft cheese

Russian ricotta

Russian Philadelphia cream cheese

Russian Philadelphia cream cheese with herbs

Russian Philadelphia cream cheese with porcini mushrooms

Creamy processed cheese

Chocolate creamy processed cheese

Analogue cheeses

Tashlyanski, blocks

Tashlyanski, packaged


Kalausski in brine

Processed analogue cheese "Tashlyanski"

Processed analogue cheese “Tashlyanski with porcini mushrooms”

Processed analogue cheese “Chocolate Tashlyanski”

Sausage processed analogue cheese “Tashlyanski” with smoke aroma

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